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Holiday Appeal

My name is Tina Christie and for over thirty years, I have enjoyed a rewarding career supporting people with disabilities. I am sharing my sensitivities to the Holiday Season and the encroaching New Year and what makes them especially special for me. Witnessing how the generosity of donors benefits the lives of the dauntless people we support enhances my excitement for the season and helps to ward off winter’s chill. Few things can warm my heart more than recognizing someone we support confidently navigating a sidewalk in a motorized wheelchair or seeing pictures of smiles at community events, a Jays game or experiencing a cottage beyond city limitations n a wheelchair accessible van.

Many of these thing cannot happen without donations from people like you.

Funds raised to reduce barriers experienced by the people we support at New Visions Toronto is never about guilt or clichés of “fortunate or less fortunate“. I believe donations are an investment that help to provide the best support for people who are often overlooked in our society. Donations affirm our shared beliefs and values that everyone should enjoy the same benefits in a society without barriers. The old year of 2022 is funnelling into a familiar time when your contribution affirms that material limitations will be overcome. Reminding us as we prepare to face blessings and personal challenges of 2023. For many children and adults who have a developmental and/ or physical disability – opportunity depends on donations. If you are new to our Annual Christmas invitation this is your opportunity to join us! Everyone deserves an accessible quality of life! New Visions Toronto extends our warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Tina Christie

Fundraising Manager
New Visions Toronto