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Complaints made by people supported by New Visions Toronto
Policy Number 2.13

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Policy does not apply to any kind of abuse reported by any of the people we support.
New Visions Toronto, (NVT), understands that providing services to the people we support may result in questions related to the services we provide.  Some of the questions can be considered a complaint related to the quality and/or delivery of services that they receive.  For that reason, each complaint will be viewed as an opportunity to improve the quality of the service that NVT provides.
The people we support will be provided whatever assistance they require in making a complaint. This can include having the assistance of a family member or other appointed advocate to help communicate what the complaint may be.
Staff will approach all complaints with the goal of reaching a mutually acceptable solution.  They will be handled in a professional, confidential and non-judgmental manner.
All matters that are deemed to be complaints shall be recorded in the supported person’s log clearly identifying what the complaint was and how it was dealt with. 
At no time will a person we support who makes a complaint be made to feel that they will be punished or treated differently in any way.
The Service Coordinator will provide any support required to assist in resolving the complaint.
Should the complaint not be dealt with in a manner that is acceptable by the supported person or their advocate, the NVT Complaint Policy, (1.09 Complaints) should be followed.
All of the people we support will be informed at admission of this complaint policy. And reinforced at the first life plan and every (6) months thereafter
All parents/guardians of the people we support will be informed of this complaint policy within seven (7) days of admission.

Complaints Policy Number 1.09

The Board of Directors understands that providing service may result in complaints or concerns related to the delivery of service. 
A complaint can come from people supported, families/guardian, staff, members of the community, other service providers etc.  This can include any complaint regarding alleged violations of a child’s rights under Part V, (Rights of Children) of the Child and Family Services Act.
The Board will take each complaint seriously and encourages that any person who has a compliant will attempt to resolve the matter with the person immediately involved with the issue or the immediate supervisor of the person involved with the original complaint.  If the matter is not resolved, the complaint procedure must be followed.
Should a complaint not be resolved at the staff level, the complaint will be directed to the Board of Directors for resolution.  Should the complaint not be resolved at the Board level, the person with the complaint will be directed to the appropriate Ministry contact.
The Board will be kept up to date of all complaints related to services provided by New Visions Toronto, (NVT). This will be done through the monthly Senior Management Team Report for the Board of Director Meeting.
The Board will determine if there is a need to establish a committee to help the agency review and address complaints. 
While a compliant may initially be the result of someone being dissatisfied with an aspect of NVT’s service, we will view each complaint as an opportunity to improve how we are provided service.
Each complaint received by the Board will be documented including the source of the complaint, what was done to resolve the complaint and what if any follow up was required as a result of the complaint.
NVT recognizes that a Supported Individual filing a complaint may not have the resources or the means to follow the policy.  Alternative and augmented methods of communication will be accepted, respected and supported.
NVT will ensure that Supported Individuals receive the required support and encouragement to file their complaint as close to the event as possible.
Supported Individuals may be assisted by their family representative a staff member or an appointed advocate to put their complaint in writing. 
If NVT staff are assisting a Supported Individual with filing their complaint, they must not be the subject of the complaint, or affiliated in any manner with the subject of the complaint. There must not be a conflict of interest.
NVT recognizes that there may be situations where language may pose a problem for the Supported Individual or their family in filing a Formal Complaint.  NVT may attempt to facilitate the process by seeking accredited translation services.
When a complaint is first raised every effort should be made to do this within five (5) working days of the event.  If the complaint is not resolved at the staff level, the person who filed the complaint will be advised that they can take the complaint to the Board of Directors through the President of the Board.   Complaints going to the President of the Board must be in writing, dated and signed.
They must also include:

  • The printed name of the person filing the complaint.
  • The date of the event that caused the complaint.
  • A clear description of the nature of the complaint.
  • Why they felt the complaint was not resolved at the staff level
  • A clear outline of what they see as a resolution to their complaint.

The Board of Directors may establish an ad-hoc Complaints Committee for the following reasons:

  • assist in resolving a complaint.
  • review the number and types of complaints that have been filed.

The Board of Directors will identify in the Board Minutes if there is a need to establish the    Complaints Committee.
The Complaints Committee will be established with an approved Motion from the Board, and a Director will be identified as the Chair of the Committee.
The Complaints Committee will be formed with one person from each of the following NVT Stakeholder groups.     

  • Supported Individuals
  • Family Members
  • Board of Directors
  • Direct Support Staff
  • Management
  • Another Service Agency

 A minimum of five of the identified groups must be selected and present for any meetings taking place to address a complaint. 
If the Committee was established to deal with a specific complaint, their decision will be given to the person filing the complaint in writing within 30 days of the Committee being established.  The Committee’s written response will include the contact information for the Ministry representative overseeing NVT should the person not be happy with the Committee’s findings.
As of September 2021, the committee is not active but at each annual review of complaints received, the Board of Directors will identify in the Board Minutes if there is, or is not a need to establish the Complaints Committee.